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Academic work

In the Time of the Law in Public Culture

Fiction, performance, video

The Private Discourse of Others, video (with Max Bowens)

Police can record civilians indiscriminately while silencing the “sensitive” utterances they exchange among themselves. Because of this, privacy becomes a privilege selectively afforded to civilians by camera-wielding agents of the state.

A Notable Fiction, performance at Participant Inc, New York

Does the writing of history always amount to the writing of fiction?

Remainders, short fiction in BOMB

Finalist for the 2018 biennial fiction contest

​When she told N she was leaving, his response was that doing so would ruin him—financially.

Essays and reviews

Mary Helena Clark and Mike Gibissers A Common Sequence in BOMB

This is filmmaking as if done by, and for, artificial intelligence.

Research Note: Thieves in Necessary Fiction

Fiction is not reality. It is an autonomous representation of reality in which correspondences have been tightened and details altered so as to make reality’s strangeness more available.

Verena Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor’s De Humani Corporis Fabrica in BOMB

When the nurse wheeling me to the recovery room asked if I had questions for the doctor, I told her that I did. I wanted to know what it looked like. She paused. “It?” “My insides,” I said.

Aria Dean: There, There; There’s No There There in Flash Art

The era of representation might be ending. You might not get to be a subject anymore, and that might be okay.

Virgil Abloh’s Figures of Speech at the ICA/BOSTON in Flash Art

I imagine Abloh's next exhibition emblazoned with instructions to “steal this show,” and I imagine an artist who might mean it.

Quiet as It’s Kept Whitney Biennial 2022 Whitney Museum of American Art / New York in Flash Art

While a museum can attempt to black-box its funding sources, gallery attendants wearing union buttons are less easily kept from sight.

Interviews and profiles

The ARTWIFE Interview: Thieves with Valerie Werder with Hannah Harlee on The ARTWIFE Book Club

How to Navigate Downward Mobility as an Art Worker with Michael Shaw on The Conversation Art Podcast

Valerie Werder turns her intense years working for a blue-chip gallery into an inspired novel, Thieves with Michael Shaw on The Conversation Art Podcast

Valerie Werder on Thieves with Magdalena Ball on Compulsive Reader Talks

Thieves: a novel with Iva Glisic and Liz Bradtke on the New Books in Literature podcast

Valerie Werder and Quinn Roberts in conversation in Full Stop

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Valerie Werder by Aiden Bowers in the Harvard Crimson

We Love Our Customers: A Fence Interview with Debut Novelist Valerie Werder, Author of Thieves in Fence Magazine

The Blank Spaces interview: Valerie Werder on Thieves on @TaylorSwift_as_books

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